Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

Falmouth, Maine


Develop the proposed expansion of the church facilities including expanded parking, sidewalks and a children's playground.

BCE Role

Assess the civil/site impacts on the proposed building expansion and provide site/civil design considerations to aid in the design and development stages. BCE also provided an opinion of probable costs for the site/civil improvements as well as a summary of possible permitting efforts.

Considerations addressed the potential impacts of the proposed layout, including: cuts and fills, surface and subsurface drainage, impacts to the existing mature trees, stormwater management, and utility coordination. Portions of an existing gravel driveway were reclaimed as lawn and a grassed, dry-detention basin was installed to mitigate stormwater impacts as part of the proposed improvements.

Project Highlights

  • 54,242 sf total impervious area
  • Performed dye test to trace sewer flows
  • Created safer vehicle and pedestrian circulation
  • Provided improved buffers to neighbors
  • Improved site entrances
  • Overcame significant neighborhood opposition
  • Reduced site runoff flows

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Keywords: Commercial Site Planning & Design, Redevelopment


  • Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin
  • Falmouth, Maine


  • Scott Simons Architects
  • Portland, Maine

Start to Completion Date

  • October, 2011 to July, 2013

BCE Services Provided

  • Stormwater Peak Flow
  • Mitigation
  • Hydrology Study
  • Planning Board Approval
  • Zoning Board Approval
  • Site Construction Details
  • Construction Document
  • Preparation
  • Construction
  • Administration
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Investigation
  • Utility Plan Design
  • Erosion and Sedimentation
  • Control Notes and Details
  • Pre and Post Development
  • Drainage Plan

Rendering Credits

  • C. Michael Lewis &
  • Scott Simons Architects