Polycor North Jay White Quarry Project

North Jay, Maine


To construct a new entrance road, an approximately 16,000 sf office/operations building with associated parking, storage areas and holding pond for quarry operations and curbing plant.

BCE Role

BCE is providing research and project management, site design and drawing development and is assisting with regulatory permitting. Granite quarries were one of the first industries in the Jay area. ln fact, in 1912, the Maine and New Hampshire Granite Company made one million paving blocks a year from these quarries. They employed 318 men including many artisans from around the world. White granite was in high demand throughout the United States for its color and strength. The Jay Quarry contributed to the growth of the area, and its reopening will begin the next chapter of Jayís history.

Project Highlights

  • Granite from Jay was used to build the Portland, Maine Post Office and several monuments in Washington D.C.
  • Twenty direct jobs and twenty indirect jobs will be created in the area
  • $4 million (approx.) will be injected into the local economy as a result
  • North Jay granite was used for President Ulysses S. Grantís tomb, located in Manhattan, N.Y.

Related Projects

Keywords: Quarries, Pit Permitting and Design


  • Polycor
  • Riviere-a-Pierre, Quebec, CA

Team Members

  • Resource Policy Group
  • Acme Land Surveying, LLC

Start to Completion Date

  • April, 2015 to Present

BCE Services Provided

  • Site Layout Design
  • Site Grading and Drainage
  • Design Erosion & Sedimentation Controls
  • Roadway Design
  • Building Layout & Utilities Plan
  • Building Grading & Drainage Plan
  • Regulatory Permitting
  • Stormwater BMP Design
  • Utility Design