Veranda Street

Portland, Maine


To revise a set of previously designed plans to divide one residential property lot into three.

BCE Role

Provide a review of site constraints to determine an alternate layout from original plans submitted, prepare a rough sketch of revisions, determine regulatory feasibility with City staff, and prepare revised drawings, and drainage report as necessary to fulfill the client's objectives.

The original site was approximately 18,094 ± square feet with a two-story, single family structure featuring associated driveway and walks. The owner has subdivided the property into three separate, single-family lots; one with the existing single-family home and the remaining two will have single-family structures constructed with associated driveways and site features.

Project Highlights

  • 6,495 sf of impervious area (4,110 new)
  • Stormwater management facilities include paved surfaces, vegetated areas and underdrained filter ponds
  • Two underdrained soil filter beds are proposed to mitigate stormwater quality, having the storage capacity to retain and treat a combination of 4,120 sf of new impervious area

Related Projects

Keywords: Municipal Permitting, DEP Site Location, Regulatory Compliance


  • Maine Investment Properties South Portland, Maine

Start to Completion Date

  • Nov, 2013 to Ongoing

Construction Cost

  • $45,000 for Groundwork

BCE Services Provided

  • Design a revised layout with new parking and rain garden locations
  • Revise Site Utilities and Grading Drawing
  • Revise Drainage Drawing
  • Revise Drainage Calculations
  • Revise Drainage Report