Lattice Tower — Third Party Inspections

Waterford, Maine


To build a wireless communications tower with 2,065 linear-foot gravel access road.

BCE Role

Provided third party inspection services meeting Maine DEP certified inspector requirements for stormwater permit #L-24344-NB-A-N. Road construction through this area was challenging with steep grades requiring several switch backs. The road was completed with a narrow width and paved to effectively minimize impacts to the surrounding phosphorus-limited watershed. Through careful monitoring and through adapting E&S techniques, the project did not cause any major erosion or sedimentation issues through a rainy Spring and Summer on this steep terrain.

Project Highlights

  • 1.5 acres of developed area
  • 0.5 acres of impervious area
  • Stormwater management system includes a grassed underdrained soil filter, open ditch system and roadway culverts


  • Oest Associates, Inc.
  • South Portland, Maine

Start to Completion Date

  • April, 2009 to October, 2009 Year

BCE Services Provided

  • Inspect and report on the project as necessary
  • Review MDEP stormwater permit, construction schedule, drawings and specifications
  • Monitor installation and maintenance of erosion control measures
  • Recommend additional erosion control measures as necessary
  • Monitor construction of the stormwater system
  • Monitor final stabilization of the site
  • Log rainstorms, contractor activities, discussions and possible violations of permit conditions
  • Take photographs of the site throughout the construction process per Maine DEP
  • Submit reports as necessary