56 Hammond Street

Portland, Maine


Divide a lot into two separate lots replacing a single family structure and detached garage with (2) new three-unit residential structures with accessory parking, stormwater controls and landscaping.

BCE Role

Provided civil and site engineering services including design, permitting and review, construction documents and administration. The stormwater design prepared for this site will use low impact development features such as the infiltration ponds to control stormwater flows and receive initial "first flush" stormwater runoff and infiltrate the excess flows created by the new impervious area. These infiltration ponds, as well as long-term and short-term erosion control measures will mitigate stormwater runoff to the maximum extent practicable.

Project Highlights

  • Approximate 9,403 sf Lot
  • 4,232 sf Impervious Area
  • Six Unit Subdivision
  • 4 Two-Bedroom Units
  • 2 One-Bedroom Units
  • 2 Proposed Infiltration Ponds
  • Designed to meet City of
  • Portland standards
  • Urban infill

Related Projects

Keywords: Municipal Permitting, Redevelopment


  • Steven and Roberta Cope
  • Portland, Maine


  • Carroll Associates
  • Landscape Architects
  • Portland, Maine

Start to Completion Date

  • Mar, 2012 to Dec, 2012

BCE Services Provided

  • Stormwater Treatment Design
  • Utilities Design
  • Grading and Drainage Design
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control Notes and Details
  • Respond to City Review Comments
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration
  • Hydrology Modeling
  • Stormwater Management Report

Rendering Credit

  • Kevin Moquin Architect