Riverside Homeowners Association (Sugarloaf Mountain)

Carrabassett Valley, Maine


To assess the condition of the road and drainage system and review/define priorities for appropriate stormwater management throughout the construction of a residential development.

BCE Role

Provided initial drainage study and drainage improvements plan and ongoing annual drainage reviews and recommendations. Regular annual inspection of roadways and their associated drainage features is key to an active roadway maintenance plan. It is during these annual inspections that small repairs and action plans can be identified and easily executed.

Over the years, these action plans can be completed at a fraction of the cost compared to full rehabilitation. A stormwater maintenance plan describes how to maintain each drainage feature and includes a check list of items to inspect as well as provides a maintenance log to record actions fulfilled.

With a little advanced planning and a sharp eye for details, roadways can be kept in optimal conditions and will last for years to come.

Project Highlights

  • 106 lot development above Sugarloaf Golf Course
  • Steep, environmentally sensitive mountain area
  • Significantly reduced number of road wash-outs and issues through designed drainage improvements and suggested maintenance practices


  • Riverside Homeowners Association
  • Yarmouth, Maine

Start to Completion Date

  • October, 2010 to Ongoing

BCE Services Provided

  • Drainage Study
  • Drainage Improvements Plan
  • Annual Roadway Network Drainage Reviews & Recommendations
  • Individual Lot Site Plan Reviews & Recommendations
  • General Culvert Maintenance Recommendations
  • Capital Improvements Ranking
  • Key Maintenance Area Recommendations