Kents Hill School - Alfond Athletic Fields

Readfield, Maine


Owner desired to replace approximately 4.6 acres of sloping lawn area with an artificial turf field.

BCE Role

BCE (DBA Land Consulting Engineers) provided design, regulatory permitting, construction documents and construction administration.

The project included the design and inspection of an extensive subsurface drainage system with associated grading and hydrologic modeling and appropriate erosion and sedimentation control measures. The project totaled 8.3 disturbed acres and had a construction duration of over 8 months. As part of this project, BCE (DBA LCE) recalculated the phosphorus export for the 254-acre Kents Hill School campus per the current Maine Department of Environmental Protection standards.

Project Highlights

  • Required MDEP SLOD Permit Revision
  • 254 Acre Campus
  • 4.6 Acres of Synthetic Turf Cover
  • Two soccer/football fields
  • Same field products as used at Gillette Stadium
  • Designed field to drain and be playable within minutes of a large rain event
  • Large earthworks project with retaining wall and steep vegetated slopes

Related Projects

Keywords: Schools, Recreational Fields, Synthetic Turf


  • Kents Hill School
  • Kents Hill, Maine


  • Carroll Associates
  • Landscape Architects
  • Portland, Maine

Team Members

  • S.W. Cole
  • Northeast Turf

Start to Completion Date

  • May, 2008 to May, 2009

BCE Services Provided

  • Stormwater System Design
  • Erosion Controls Design
  • Project Management
  • MDEP Site Location Of Development(SLOD)Modifications
  • Stormwater Report
  • Construction Documents
  • Recalculated Phosphorus Export for the Entire Campus