Blais Civil Engineers

Investment in Latest Design and Modeling Software Expands Our Capabilities

Blais CE's collaborative approach to projects has helped us achieve steady growth in recent years. To further meet the growing needs of our clients and enhance our dedication to responsible, sustainable land development, we've recently made a significant investment in cutting edge software.

As part of Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite 2013, Blais CE now has access to Infrastructure Modeler, Navisworks, Raster Design, Civil 3D and Map 3D.

This combination of software will allow BCE to perform tasks like:

  • Analyzing multiple data layers to quickly determine the area of a parcel available for development and what type of development may be most appropriate for a particular area
  • Utilizing high quality aerial and satellite images for client or public meeting presentations
  • Dynamically adjusting a roadway alignment, profile and grading simultaneously
  • Developing maps and enhancing plans using existing AutoCAD line work combined with environmental, cadastral, demographic, geological, hydrologic, transportation and utility GIS data
  • Creating 3D models for navigating projects, analyzing potential conflicts and construction sequencing

Blais Civil Engineers is looking forward to the public release of new orthoimagery by the Maine GeoLibrary and the Maine Office of GIS, beginning in 2012 for Cumberland and York Counties.

With our recent investments in personnel and software expemplify our commitment to providing our clients with quality work and productive collaborations.