Blais Civil Engineers

Blais takes part in two of MEREDA's Top 5 Notable Projects in Maine for 2011

The Maine Real Estate & Development Association (MEREDA), the state's leading organization for commercial real estate professionals, recently created a new award to recognize responsible real estate development in Maine.

MEREDA's leadership chose 5 most notable development projects for 2011 that were deemed "noteworthy & significant" and plan to do so annually. When the winners of the inaugural award were announced, Blais Civil Engineers was thrilled to be able to say we participated in two of those five projects: The Merrill's Wharf/Pierce Atwood Building in Portland (cited above) and the Gilman Place affordable housing project in Waterville.

Blais Civil Engineers contributed the following services to the Gilman Place project:

  • Stormwater, sanitary sewer and water utilities design.
  • Retrofitted foundation drains to keep existing structure dry.
  • Served as liaison between project and Town engineering department.
  • Provided construction quality assurance services.

Each of the winning projects showcase the value of collaboration in delivering exceptional work to our clients and our communities.

Congratulations to all.

Project Background

  • Worked for:
  • Carroll Associates
  • Architect:
  • Winton Scott Architects
  • Owner:
  • Developer's Collaborative
  • Contractor:
  • Allied / Cook Construction