Blais Civil Engineers

Pre-Project Services

Project Definition/Feasibility Assessment

  • Feasibility studies are among the first thing to take place during the initial design stage of any project. It tells our client if the overall project proposal is viable, and what fundamental challenges will need to be solved.
  • BCE helps our client define the scope of their project, conduct risk assessments, and cost analyses while reviewing the technical and organizational needs. This phase also provides clients with an array of tools used to further plan their project, such as information on the municipality, utilities, permitting, and required approvals to name a few.

Conceptual Design

  • During the Conceptual Design phase, BCE works hand and hand with the client to develop the overall layout for the site. While the specific design criteria are in mind, the plan is more intended to show the overall layout than the actual specific design parameters. This enables the client to help bring what are often thoughts and visions to paper. Here BCE also works with the existing site features to ensure natural resources are protected and live in harmony with the planned project. This phase often goes hand and hand with a Feasibility Assessment.