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Project Update: Cape Arundel Cottage Preserve, Arundel

As part of a seven to ten year $68 million effort, the first phase of five of this project is continuing to develop approximately 260 seasonal cottage units on 300 acres in a series of clusters and linear communities along a private drive.

The Town approved a TIF district and development program to help make this become a reality. These cottages will range from 850 sf of living space to just over 1,350 sf and will be occupied only between May 1 and December 31 of each year. In addition to the cottages, this area will include walking trails, vernal pools, and a 100-foot perimeter buffer of natural space.

Check out the Cape Arundel Cottage Preserve website or check out the following article for more information.

Or listen to developer Joe Paolini talk about it.

Team Members
  • Licht Environmental Design, LLC
  • BSC Group
  • BCE